“Olivia’s music classes are absolutely wonderful! Our 3 year old always comes back from class showing off some new dance moves, and our 1 year old is enraptured by the songs, maracas, bubbles, etc. Olivia also performed for our son’s birthday party and incorporated his favorite themes into the music (trucks, cars, etc.), which was very sweet.”


Birthday Party & Outdoor Class

“Olivia did my son’s third birthday and it was a big success! The kids loved her. She tailored the party to his style and song requests. All the music activities were fun and age appropriate. She kept 16 toddlers engaged and active for an hour. I would hire her again!”


Birthday Party

“Henry loved his Mind Body Music NYC Classes! Olivia leads each class with so much imagination, warmth, and humor. She is very attuned to the children and creates a wonderful high-spirited environment for them to enjoy music and each other.”


Outdoor Class

“Tyler has been to at least four different music programs on the Upper West Side and this is the first time I’ve seen him interact and dance in class! We can’t wait to come back!”


Outdoor Class

“Very engaging and the timing of everything is perfect. Great balance between getting energy out and settling to listen and slow down.”


Indoor Class

“I love how engaging the material is. The teacher is always very kind to the kids, and enthusiastic about her lessons!”


Indoor Private POD

“Olivia created a wonderful and extremely safe environment for my twins to experience music and reading during the pandemic. I am so thankful that I was able to join the classes and see how much joy she brought to both my children. My daughter Avery was extremely attentive even at the age of 9 months. She loved watching Olivia sing and interact with the older children. My daughter Scarlett loved to see how much excitement and enthusiasm Olivia brought to every class! She also particularly loves bubble time. We look forward to experiencing music class with Olivia through Zoom and will be first to sign up for outdoor class again once the weather improves.”


Outdoor Class

“This was delightful and the instructor did a great job of using both unique to the program and familiar tunes for grownups to join in the fun and model for kids. So helpful when we are all on screens as a way to build a little online class community for 30 minutes. Thank you!”


Online Class

“My daughter loved class today! The teacher was so upbeat, engaging, and talented. We are looking forward to participating in her class again.”


Online Class

“Perfect size. Instructor is phenomenal. Appropriate length of class!”


Outdoor Class