Hugely fun and innovative music classes that come to you!

A combination of play, music education and mindfulness that allows your child to be exactly who they are and have a blast connecting through music.

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Stimulating play with puppets, bubbles, instruments, and surprise props

Music education through fun songs and games to develop musical aptitude

Tools to relax and calm their busy minds and bodies

Social emotional learning explored through original songs about kindness, respect and adjusting to life's new normal

Entertaining music everyone can sing along and dance to

Connection with each individual student to ensure an inclusive and safe environment

How do I Find an Outdoor Mind Body Music NYC Class?

We currently hold weekly in-person outdoor classes throughout Upper Manhattan every Tuesday through Friday. Click below for details! 

OUR WEATHER POLICY: If we need to cancel class due to rain, muddy fields etc., we will send out an email at least 90 minutes before class (please check your email before leaving for class to ensure it hasn’t been cancelled). In this case, simply respond to the cancellation email and let us know what other day/time you would like to transfer to!

Mind Body Music NYC FALL PODS!

Looking for a way your kids can safely socialize and keep their mind's and body's active this Fall? We've got you covered!

How Do Student PODS Work?

Simply gather a private group of at least 4 students (siblings do not count toward the 4) and our Head Instructor, Ms.Olivia, will come to your designated location each week for 10 consecutive weeks!

How Much Does The Semester Cost

The 10 week Fall Semester is $250 per student (only $25 per class per kid) and will be paid in two billing cycles. Siblings are only $150 for the entire semester (40% off)!

What Is Class Like?

In each 40 minute class, you can expect to sing engaging new and old songs, dance to popular music, play with instruments, enjoy story time and much more. Over the 10 week semester, your child will have a blast playing and safely socializing all while working on musical development, gross motor skills, visual discrimination and social emotional learning!

What Safety Precautions Are You Taking?

All adults are required to wear masks during class. The instructor will also be wearing a mask (with a clear window so the children can see her speaking), thoroughly sanitizing all equipment and social distancing. If you have any further requests, please do not hesitate to reach out.


MBM Online Group Classes

ABOUT: MBM virtual incorporates all the fun of our in person classes! Expect to sing engaging new and old songs, dance to popular music, enjoy story time and more! Each class is 30 minutes. 

AGE RANGE: 6 months to 6 years

PRICE: $15 drop-in per household (siblings are FREE!)

ZOOM: After you sign up, we will send a confirmation with the zoom link & more details



‣A pot and/or bowl to use as a drum

‣Some space to dance

‣Bubbles, if you have them (optional)

‣Your Child’s Favorite Stuffed Animal (Optional)

‣Good internet connection (classes held via ZOOM)


*Joyous playtime and self-expression through music

*An energetic outlet for busy minds & bodies

*A Sense of Community & Connection with other children

What ages are ideal for MBM in person classes?

Children are absorbing and learning music from the moment they are born. Mind Body Music incorporates activities that can be modified for any age between 6 months and 4 years old.


(929) 244 - 9312

Can I book MBM for my child's birthday party?

Yes! Mind Body Music makes a personalized playlist and musical games based on your little one’s theme. It takes the same exciting structure as our classic music classes, but adds even more fun activities, props, and birthday magic! We come to you anywhere in or around the city so that your guests and little ones can enjoy everything the party has to offer all in one place.

About the Founder

Olivia Rubbo is a professional singer and actor with a background in Musical Theater. On top of performing regionally and throughout New York City, she has worked with children for over 10 years teaching music and movement classes, and taken courses on children’s music development. 

Olivia quickly recognized the positive impact music can have on young lives. Along the way, she discovered the importance of creating a healthy outlook on life and saw first hand how this can reduce stress and improve mental and physical health. She saw a unique opportunity to establish a program that not only inspires musicality in children, but uses it to incorporate tools at a young age that teach them how to be grounded, grateful and present. Olivia brings her goofy self to each class, and gets such joy from creating a safe space for all people to explore their innate capacity for music and mindfulness!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a MBM class?

*Outdoor drop-in class booked through us are currently $20 (per kid per class). We do offer a sibling discount and packages- go to our sign up page for details.
*Online Classes are $15 (per family per class). *Semester long PODS are 10 weeks and cost $250 per kid ($25 per kid per class). Siblings are $150 for the full semester (40% off)!

What COVID precautions are you taking?

To keep you and your little ones as safe and healthy as possible, we are thoroughly disinfecting all instruments/props before and after each class, holding classes in outdoor spaces, providing hand sanitizers, social distancing and capping our classes at 6 students.

This Fall we will be teaching in student PODS at which time the Instructor and all adults are REQUIRED to wear a mask.

When you register for class, you will be asked to answer a few questions about your comfort level with using our props and/or bringing your own.

What Is Your Weather Policy

If we need to cancel class due to rain, muddy fields etc., we will send out an email at least 90 minutes before class (please regularly check your email before leaving for class to ensure it hasn't been cancelled). In this case, simply respond to the cancellation email and let us know what other day/time you would like to transfer to! If no other future class works for you, please let us know this as well and we can arrange a refund.  

Do I need to bring anything to class?

No! We will provide all the instruments, props, speaker etc. For in home classes, you provide an open space so there is room for everyone to sit in a circle.

For outdoor classes, we suggest bringing your own blanket to help enforce social distancing.

What should my child wear?

There is no dress code, but ideally they should wear something they feel comfortable moving and dancing in.

Do POD classes need to be in the same place every week?

To keep your little one's as safe as possible, we ask for the time being that your POD meet in the same designated location each week.

Will the class run with less than four kids?

Unfortunately not. Our classes are most effective in groups of at least four so that the children can learn from each other. However, if there are going to be less than four kids on only one particular week due to sickness etc, please contact us 24 hours in advance and we can determine on a case by case basis whether to reschedule or proceed with class.

What's the cancellation policy for Outdoor/Online Classes?

We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you must cancel/reschedule class.

If MBM needs to cancel with less than 24 hours notice (not including a weather related cancellation) we will offer your next class at 50% off. Outside of 24 hours we can reschedule the class.

What's The Cancellation Policy for PODS?

If you or your child is sick, please let us know prior to class and do not attend. In this case, we can offer you an online make-up class. If several classes must be missed due to illness or family emergencies, we can administer refunds on a case by case basis. If the instructor, must cancel class, we will meet on our designated make-up day. In the case that the instructor must cancel more than one class, we will administer refunds for each additional day missed.

Does the same guardian have to attend each week?

Each child must be accompanied by an adult, however you are welcome to have different guardians bring your child (ie nannies, family members, friends) whenever you choose. More than one adult per child is always welcome!

Can I get a receipt for a cash payment?

Absolutely! Ask your teacher after class and we can provide you with one.