Summer Semester Times/Locations:

Now Offering A Free Trial Class

Classes Start July 6th

*Riverside Park W100th (Mon 9:30am, Fri 11am)

*Riverside Park W74th (Fri 9:30am)

*Carl Schurz Park (Mon 10am & 11am)

*Central Park E98th (Tues 10am)

*Central Park E76th (Wed 4pm, Th 10am)

*Central Park W88th (Mon 11am, Th 4pm)

*Sheep Meadow W67th (Th 11:30am)

*Madison Square Park (Tues 3:30pm, Wed 10am & 11am)

*Prospect Park West (Fri 10am & 11am)


What To Expect:

Our 40 minute hugely fun group music classes combine play, music education and social emotional learning, allowing your child to be exactly who they are and have a blast connecting through music! Perfect for ages 6months to 4 years.


Stimulating play with puppets, bubbles, instruments, and surprise props

Music education through fun songs and games to develop musical aptitude

Engaging and stimulating story time with exciting new books each week

Social emotional learning explored through original songs about kindness, respect and adjusting to life's new normal

Entertaining music everyone can sing along and dance to

Connection with each individual student to ensure an inclusive and safe environment